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Our Green Guide To Troubleshooting Your Carpet Stains

Troubleshooting Your Carpet Stains No matter how much you vacuum, a carpet will never feel clean when it has a stain. Regular carpet maintenance and immediate spot cleaning is crucial for keeping those testy stains at bay. But how you approach a stain makes all the difference for successful removal. So start your carpet treatments on good footing with these tried-and-true solutions. Identify whether it’s a spot or a stain Yes, there is a difference. A spot simply indicates an additional substance, Read more [...]

Solve That Mysterious Smell Once And For All

Solve That Mysterious Smell Once And For All The office may seem clean, but the space will never feel clean if you’re plagued by unpleasant smells. However, the source of these bad scents may not be clear at first sniff. So we’ve tracked down the most overlooked suspects for these mysterious odors, so your workspace can both look and smell refreshed. Trash Cans: Yes, when it comes to noxious smells, trash cans prove the obvious culprit. However, bad odors may still linger on even Read more [...]

The Best Indoor Plants To Clear The Air In The Office

February 26, 2019 by  
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The Best Indoor Plants To Clear The Air In The Office The average American spends over 90 percent of their time inside, according to a recent EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) report. This means we're breathing in more indoor air than ever, which can contain two to five times higher rates of pollutants. In our hermetically-sealed office, plants are an easy and effective way to improve indoor quality. Indoor plants can effectively boost oxygen levels and reducing toxins in the air. To add some Read more [...]

Why The Future of Recycling May Be In Space

January 9, 2019 by  
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Why the Future of Recycling May Be In Space Managing today's plastic waste has become  a environmental challenges. Plastic is not degradable and is complicated to recycle. But a more streamlined solution may already be available—in space, that is. All thanks to NASA’s latest gadget—the Refabricator. About the size of a dorm room refrigerator, the Refabricator is the first machine to combine recycling and 3D printing into one device. The new tech can transform and reuse Read more [...]

How To Get Rid Of Single-Use Plastics Once And For All

How To Get Rid Of Single-Use Plastics Once And For All Thanks to its endless adaptability, plastic has found its way into every facet of our lives, from the miraculous stents used in heart surgery, to the radiation-protecting helmets of astronauts. However, it’s our excessive use of everyday plastic that’s causing trouble for the environment. One notable culprit? Our dependence on single-use plastics: the ever-present plastic straws, utensils, cups, and packaging. The average Read more [...]

Keeping Healthy During Your Holiday Travels

December 15, 2018 by  
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Keeping Healthy During Your Holiday Travels
With long lines and long delays, traveling for the holidays can become a stressful time of the year. And no one wants to get sick on top of that, just when we get to share those special holiday moments with family and friends. So skip the cold and flu by following this germ-busting itinerary to keep you and your family healthy this travel season.

1. Before Your Trip

The holiday travel season also falls right at the height of the flu season. Plus, Read more [...]

Prevent The Flu With These 3 Simple Cleaning Tips

November 29, 2018 by  
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Fight The Flu: Clean Your Way To Prevention
Explore these cleaning strategies to prepare your facility for the flu season.
Offer flu shots to employees and their families, stock up on hand sanitizers, and let those infected stay home. There are many ways to protect your office or facility from this year's flu season. Your cleaning program, however, may be the final line of defense. An effective and regular cleaning program helps limit exposure and prevent the spread of the disease. So make Read more [...]

Do you have Sick Building Syndrome? 4 Simple Ways To Tell.

Do you have Sick Building Syndrome?
Learn the symptoms, and find ways to improve your building's environmental health. 

Persistent headaches, mysterious rashes, and constant allergy-like symptoms–these are common experiences for those suffering from Sick Building Syndrome. Often caused by poor indoor air quality, this may lead to chronic conditions among occupants, reducing work productivity and adversely affecting their health in the long run. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates Read more [...]

Why your indoor air quality is poor, (and 3 simple ways to improve it.)

September 20, 2018 by  
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Clearing the Air
Little ways to improve your indoor air quality (as well as your health)

Though nothing beats the great outdoors (especially in the Sunshine State), research shows we spent nearly 93 percent of our time indoors on average. That’s a lot of time breathing indoor air, which if not managed properly, can have serious impact on your health, aggravating ailments such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory issues. Well-designed circulation and filtration are essential, but you Read more [...]

Why HEPA Vacuums are Essential for your Health

August 29, 2018 by  
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Why HEPA Vacuums are Essential for your Health
Today’s HEPA filter vacuums are major tools for maintaining healthy commercials spaces, preserving higher indoor air quality. First developed to manage radioactive contamination for the Manhattan Project during World War II, this powerful filtering technology allows modern vacuums to absorb pollutants from surfaces more effectively than ever. To be considered HEPA grade (which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air), the filter must use layers Read more [...]

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